#RB84 Blog - Back To Detroit!

July 26, 2014  •  3:00 P.M.

Let me start out by saying today was going great and all of the sudden it took a turn for the worst. Just before I was about leave for the airport to fly to training camp I noticed I didn't have my wallet...what?! I NEVER lose anything! So my wife, family and I tore up the house and car looking for this thing...no luck. I was stressed to the max by this point because my flight was leaving in almost an hour. To make a long story short I took a chance and went to the airport without any ID just hoping they would still let me fly. After all the stress and running around the house, searching the car and heading to places I thought I might have left it, I find out at the Delta check in I didn't even need it (all that stressing and panicking for nothing lol)…Thank you Delta Airlines! Also, someone found and returned my wallet…whew!


So now I'm sitting in the airplane, stress free again, headed to Detroit! Man I've been excited to be back in MI with my church, friends and teammates. Part of me feels like it came too fast and part of me feels it didn't come fast enough.


While in Dallas I've been working on my craft and hitting the weight-room to make sure I'm feeling top notch for camp. To give you a little more insight, I wanted to work on my over all lower body strength and also footwork/agility so I can be explosive and elusive. I focused on a lot of stability work as well. I did my training at API Exxos in Frisco, TX where, in my opinion, I got to work with the best.


My weekly schedule looked a little like this:


 • Monday

AM: Lift and linear speed work
PM: Conditioning or footwork

 • Tuesday

AM: Lift and agility work
PM: Routes

 • Wednesday

Wednesday was my off day so I got a massage and some A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) work done.

 • Thursday

AM: Lift and linear speed work
PM: Conditioning or footwork

 • Friday

AM: Lift and agility work
PM: Routes

 • Saturday

I got a massage and A.R.T work done.


Overall my body feels great and it's such a blessing! I feel very confident in the shape my body is in heading to camp tomorrow!


All right, back to real life. My wife and I were able to have some much needed quality time during my 6 weeks off. It's always good to slow life down and relax mentally. My life pretty much consisted of training and spending time with Mary Beth and my pups (well they aren't pups anymore but I like to think so). We were super busy setting up our new house! I started to realize our decorating style was a little different, don't worry though, we are good at implementing both styles in the house...ME-one room, HER- the rest of the house ha (that's why I love her though :) I couldn't be more thankful for the life God has blessed me with! I try to cherish and embrace it one day at a time!


I want to say thanks for tuning into my blog. In sharing this with you all I hope to give you an inside look at what an NFL Training camp is like.


I'll be in a hotel for the next month without my wife, sadly! So be blessed, enjoy those around you and tell them you love them!