#RB84 Blog - Rookie Season Training Camp

Ryan Broyles Blog
I got married July 7, so a little bit before that I was back home, getting some preparation done for the wedding and working out, doing therapy. The wedding was a good time. Friends, family – we all enjoyed it.


On July 8 we went to Paris for four days, then Rome for four days. It was hard to get away because I was still thinking about needing to get work in, so I had my football gear and all that stuff out there. I found time in the morning to do my football stuff and workout and what not. After that, we did a lot of sightseeing.


When I got back here, we finalized our move up here. I got my cars up here, my house situated, and now we’re in camp. The rookies had to report about four days before the older guys. I just came in, conditioned everyday and worked out. Now we’re back into practice.


Rehab hasn’t stopped since the day I got hurt, you know. I’m on pace. I talked to the doctors yesterday and I’m looking good. I’m ready to just get out there whenever I can, whenever that time might come, and I feel like it’s closer then ever right now. The time will be soon.


Today was good. I didn’t get to do much out there, but I worked with the strength coaches doing some routes and things like that, working my knee to see where I was from the offseason, working alone to see where I am now and just go from there.


Being inside was a little disappointing. You always want to be around the fans and let them see how the life is inside this locker room and be around the guys that put in the work. It’s definitely something we want to share with them, but they’ll get another chance to come out. The weather wasn’t so good, so we had to be inside, but we’ll definitely spend some time with them, sign some autographs when the time is right.